Corporate Social Responsibility towards a Sustainable Business

Envisioning itself as Kitchen of the world, our company aims to become a globally recognised corporation, strongly committed to producing high quality food products that are nutritios, hygienic and safe

It is the Company’s policy to conduct green business that does not pose environmental impacts on communities and sustainably manages production resources to ensure food security. In parallel with research and development, the Company focuses on personnel development, applying CSR standards, good governance, and risk management to guarantee a strong business that enjoys sustainable growth and is able to compete at the international level.

The Company includes CSR as one of its strategies for sustainable growth. It is determined to conduct business with righteousness and transparency while maximizing benefits and positive impacts on all stakeholders. This topic covers human rights, labor rights, fair business practices, producing high-quality and safe products for consumers, creating and spreading innovation, community and social development, environmental management, providing a safe and pleasant work environment for its personnel, and abiding by laws and regulations regarding safety, health, and environment. The Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility toward a Sustainable Business is publicly reported in company’s annual report, Form 56-1 report, and website.

Furthermore, the Company fosters the conscience of local and overseas personnel to value CSR by adhering to three philosophies that focus on the interests of the country, the people, and the Company. It puts emphasis on each employee giving back to the country and doing good deeds for society whenever the opportunity presents itself.